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VIPRE On-Line University - Advanced Certification

​Receive your Advanced Certification right from your desk.

VIPRE On-Line Demonstration

Take a few minutes and we'll show you the power of the VIPRE system. 

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VIPRE On-Line University - Basic 40 Hour Training

​Receive your Basic 40 Hour Certification right from your desk.

Let's be realistic. You have a situation and you don't have time to wait. If you’re law enforcement, you might have two potential suspects and you need to know which one is guilty of the crime.

For military ops, your asset may no longer be trustworthy; your new recruit has a past he is concealing or your missing classified material and you need to know whether you're mission has been compromised.

This is where VIPRE comes in. Quickly enter key relevant data into your pre-exam questionnaire and in minutes, VIPRE creates a personalized voice stress exam to immediately test your subject with regard to any incident. Whatever the scenario, you don't have the time to guess.

Now you don't have to.

The latest in truth detection.

Our world is full of deception.

Whether you are new to voice stress technology or a seasoned VSA professional, we are pleased to provide you with the latest and most comprehensive voice stress analysis instrument in the world.

Isn’t it time your organization joined hundreds of law enforcement and security agencies across the United States and started using VIPRE in your war against crime and terror?

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